Music is my passion.  I love to write it as well as play it.  Acoustic or electric, it doesn’t matter.  Besides my solo engagements, I play lead guitar in The Roustabouts.  I’ve opened up for some very talented acts, most notably Stephen Cochran and The Hofners. Besides the sheer thrill of playing in front of a live audience, I have a network of brilliant musician friends who inspire me.  Music itself is a wonderful ride but it’s the ultimate experience when shared with others.  Just like life itself. When I perform, my aim is to see you tap your foot, smile, sing along or bring home a memory that you won't forget.
 I grew up in a small town outside of Syracuse, New York called Chittenango.  It was farm country.  Beautiful.  I spent my high school years as a three season athlete with little time for music . . . so I thought.  I started hanging around the music room during lunch in my senior year.  I thought it would be cool to play some guitar.  I learned a few chords from my buddy, Joe and I bought my first guitar in the summer of ’78, the summer following high school graduation.  In my second year of college, I found my way to the campus bar where I performed my first gig with a female singer and I was forever hooked.  We split $35!